Here we have compiled a list of the questions most often asked by our clients.
If you do not find your answers here however, please feel free to drop us an email and

we would be happy to help you in any way we can.

How do I go about reserving a bouncy castle from you?

You can make your reservation by calling us at 705-817-9992 7 days a week or you can inquire about availability

by email at

How can I pay for my rental?
We offer a lot of flexibility in payment methods. We gladly accept cash and EMT (Electronic Email Transfer to the above email address) prior to the day. We do not accept credit cards.

When do I pay?
Payment is expected at time of booking - delivery charges are paid directly to the delivery guy on arrival.

How much room do I need?
You will need to add at least 3 -4 feet around the perimeter,
 so approximately 15' x 15' for a 12' x 12' bouncy castle. If you're not sure what size your yard is, you can measure it or "walk it off" heel to toe in a man's shoe (it'll be about 1 foot per step) to approximate. If you can imagine two parked cars side by side in your set up area,
 most likely we can fit the unit in that area. Don't forget your vertical clearance! You'll need an area free of low wires and branches, about 14 - 16 feet high. (over 20' for the Adrenalin Rush!)

How much room do you need to bring the bouncy castle in?

A standard walk through gate is fine. We bring the unit rolled up and wheel it in on a standard hand dolly. If a person can comfortably walk through, we can fit the bouncy castle through too!

How many children can fit in a bouncy castle?
Generally speaking, between 6 and 12 kids at one time. This really depends on the size of the children and the castle. The obstacle course is a race bouncer - typically, 2 kids race each other at a time.

Are your units safe? Will you teach me how to have a safe day of fun?
Yes, they are designed from the ground up with safety in mind. In addition, we review all safety rules with you prior to use. While no one can guarantee safety, we do everything we can to promote safe use of our products to ensure your day is filled with fun, not hospital visits.

How much does it cost?
We try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible.  Check our Inventory tab for prices.

What if it rains?

there is a $5. admin fee when cancelling. We will happily reschedule you (at no charge) - dependent on availability. On the day of the rental - if the Weather Network says the chance of rain is high, we will attempt to notify you and we will post all cancellations on our "weather" tab.

What if I need to cancel?
If you cancel 2 weeks prior, there is a $5. admin fee when cancelling. We will happily reschedule you (at no charge) - dependent on availability. If you cancel after this time, we will charge you 50% of the rental up to the day before - then we charge for the full rental.

What are the appropriate ages for bouncing?
Typically, kids start at 1 and can go up to 17. (see weight restrictions per unit!)

Do you deliver to my area?
Inflatables: We deliver to Barrie, Midland, Orillia, Wasaga Beach and Innisfil (North - please check first for Innisfil as we do not do all of Innisfil). Check with us - for fee schedule outside those areas. (there is a fee applied to the $50. rentals - see the fee schedule under the inflatables tab). Pick up times are scheduled - if you miss your pick up time - we will assume you no long want the inflatable - max wait past pick up time is 15 MINUTES!!
Mascots: We travel to Barrie, Midland, Orillia, Wasaga Beach and North Innisfil for free (*Please note - Rama and Severn are not considered free travel (Orillia) and Collingwood is not considered free travel (Wasaga Beach) and Cookstown is not considered free travel (Innisfil). Please inquire about fees for travel!! We do not take any Mascot bookings without deposits. All deposits are non-refundable.

My garden slopes a bit - will that be OK?

Yes. A slight slope is not a problem. Typically, we will place the entrance of the unit at the top of any slope.
If the slope is more than a little, we may not be able to set up in that location.
Your installer may request an alternate location so please have one in mind. The safety of the children is the most important consideration when selecting a setup area.

Does it need electricity? How much does it use?
Yes. We will bring a 50 foot extension cord with us, so you'll need an outlet near the set up area.
 The blower runs continuously and uses approximately �0.18 of electricity per hour.
Your blow dryer uses more than that!  NOTE: All blowers and wiring are safety checked before delivery. NOTE: If you are renting a water unit, please check that the hose is close enough to attach to the unit (we do not bring extention hoses).

What time do you deliver and pickup the bouncy castle?
Rental periods vary. The typical range of rental time is 8 hours.
We deliver between 8-11am and pick up between 5-7pm. (depending on bookings of the day). If you need a late pickup, please let us know. (please be patient, we could have deliveries of up to 14 units!)

What are your hours of operation?
Our office is open from 8:30am to 8pm weekdays. Our customer support lines are open continually on the weekends. If you happen to get voicemail at any time, please leave your name and number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How far in advance do I need to order?
We suggest 3-5 weeks before your scheduled party date. However, we generally have inventory available for
last minute bookings, if you are not too picky about style preference. All units are booked on a first come first served basis.  We never let anybody down!

My party is tomorrow. Can I still get a rental?
Maybe! Give us a call and we will try to work it in.

Can I keep the bouncy castle over night?
Yes! We do overnights! You need to prepay your rental fee (another day).  The bouncy castle must be set up in a back garden or area that is fenced and locked up. The fence must be at least 4 feet tall. Jumping4Joy reserves the right
to deny any event of this service. Jumping4Joy also reserves the right to cancel the over night portion of any
event at any time if we have reason to believe that our property is at risk of injury or theft. We will give you the option of storing in your garage for the next day event! (you set up for your party).

Is it cheaper if we pickup the bouncy castle ourselves?

No. In fact, Jumping4Joy does strive to give the most reasonable prices - in this effort, should you be available to pick up the bouncer and set it up and take it down yourself - it will help us keep costs down for everyone! With respect to $50/day rentals - you can avoid a delivery charge by picking up the unit yourself. These are residential units and are not complicated to put up.

We didn't answer your question - We apologize - please send us a contract sheet and we will answer asap!